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“There is Only One You, So Be the Best You That You Can Be!”

Let me start off by saying “Comparison is a KILLER of all things productive!”  I can remember way too far back where I often compared myself to the girl who was smarter, prettier, skinnier, lighter, had longer hair, had a better voice, and the list can go on and on.  For too many years I never really valued who I was because I didn’t think that I had any real value to add to this world.  The only place this got me was nowhere.  I missed out on several opportunities because I felt like I just wasn’t good enough to embark on them.  Fear and Comparison bullied me and held me hostage in a cage that I had the keys to.  

I’m sure you can relate.  You either have gone through this, are going through it right now, or know someone who has.  It’s like an epidemic but the cure is in the hands of the sick.  So many women, and men alike, go through these phases where they feel that if they can’t do something the way someone else does it, then they’re not good enough to do it.  That is a false notion!!!  Who said it had to be done their way?  Who made up that rule?  No one.  Absolutely no one.  It was you!  You’ve “thought” up your own barrier.  And now you’re stuck!  Well, let me help you real quick.

  • You are unique!
  • You have something special to bring to the table that ONLY YOU possess!
  • You have a perspective!
  • You have a story!
  • Your story matters!
  • Your voice needs to be heard!

We were all made different for a reason.  God knew what He was doing when He created you to be who you are.  If He wanted you to look like her, He would’ve done just that.  If He wanted you to sound like him, He would’ve done just that.  And if He wanted you to be someone else, He would’ve done just that.  I think you get my point here.  God makes no mistakes.  You were created to be just who you are and you were filled with many gifts and talents to contribute to this world.  Every time you refuse to unlock that cage, you not only do yourself a disservice but the world at large.  You being “stuck”, robs the world of your mark.  Imagine a world where everyone looked, sounded, and acted the same…what a boring world that would be!

The moment I stopped comparing myself to others was the moment I started living!  I came to myself and realized that no one else on this Earth has my DNA!  No one else on this Earth has my voice, and no one else on this Earth has my story!  Yeah, I may be doing something similar to what someone else is doing but they can’t do it like me and I can’t do it like them.  And guess what???  That’s ok!!!  The way YOU do it will serve those who your gift was destined for.  

It’s time to understand and accept that there is only ONE you, so be the best you that you can be! UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Here’s to getting “unstuck!”


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